OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat is a craft brewery?
A small brewery that creates beer in a traditional or non-mechanized way.

What styles of beers will I find at a craft brewery?
You will find many different styles of beer at a craft brewery.  From the mildest wheat beer to the darkest stout, your local craft breweries will have something for every taste.

The following are examples of styles of beer you may find.  For more information please visit www.craftbeer.com.

Belgian Styles:
Fruit and spice characteristics, Belgian candy sugar can also be noticeable in some ales.

Bocks: Smooth and malty lagers, celebrated beers of “malt-heads”

Brown Ales: Brown hue, chocolate and nutty flavors

Dark Lagers: Toasted and caramel flavors, pairs well with grilled food

Hybrid Beers: Traditional beer yeast in non-traditional fermentation environments, an example would be a cream ale

Pale Ales: Catch-all term for any lighter beer

Pilsners and Light Lagers: Clean bready maltiness with plenty of hop character

Porters: Dark in color with flavors of chocolate, light coffee, nut and caramel

Scottish-Style Ales: Malt-forward beers with high alcohol content

Specialty Beers: Catch-all for any beer that doesn’t fit specifically into any style set

Stouts: Very dark beer with strong roasted flavors, can vary from dry, smooth and sweet, to strong and bitter

Strong Ales: Rich, fuller bodied and meant for sipping
Wheat Beers: Creamy, slightly tangy flavor