This website was created by graduate students from Kent State University in the field of Library and Information Science for course LIS 60010 – The Information Landscape, instructed by Dr. Catherine Closet-Crane.   In this assignment, we worked in teams to collaborate on the design and creation of an information resource.  There were were two major takeaways of this assignment:

To learn to work collaboratively in a virtual team.

In the information professions, we have witnessed an increasing trend in collaborative practices at all stages in the lifecycle of information, from production to dissemination.  The ability to work effectively in a virtual team is one of the most important skills needed for an information professional in the job market.

To learn how the lifecycle of information works in practice.

Information professionals from all fields (libraries, records, archives, museums, and more) need to learn how the life cycles of information works in practice.  This assignment was  designed to start our journey into understanding how information is produced and disseminated to the end user.  Throughout this process we applied theory about the information and the information lifecycle to practice, drawing from module content and working together to define and refine ideas and processes as well as solve problems (Closet-Crane, 2017).

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